St. Nicholas Episcopal Church of Kapolei Hawaii has held "Covenant Group" meetings for about 10 years. These groups meet weekly for fellowship, prayer and reflection on the readings and the sermon from the previous week. This blog is an attempt to offer the prayer and reflection as an on-going basis. The challenges of schedules and more prevent many members from participating in our groups, perhaps this will allow for additional participation. I will post readings and questions - please answer the questions and contribute as you're comfortable in the comment sections. Blessings

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Look - imua

We all get nervous over various things.  Feeling nerves before giving a speech, feeling nerves before a big exam, feeling nerves when the plane you are in dips suddenly.  And yet, oddly, nerves can actually help us in focusing, preparing and getting ready for what’s to come.

1.    Can you tell us of an incident where you faced a major change in your life?
2.    What helps you when dealing with change?

3.    Are you comfortable making things change, or are you more comfortable adapting to change led by others?

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  1. 1. For most of my formative years (childhood, teenage years and mostly through college) I would have told you that I would live in my hometown of Tomah Wisconsin. My interests changed over the years and it occurred to me that I may live somewhere else nearby, but never thought I would move to Alaska OR Hawaii . . . I have faced several major changes in this.

    2. My wife. I never made these big changes alone, we did it together. I believe God has helped us both through these changes too, but my wife has made a tremendous difference in the thinking things through and the encouragement of what we've done together and where we have gone.

    3. I prefer to be at the helm, or at least I think I do. It is still hard to facilitate meaningful change, but something needs to instigate change, it is easier to coast with what is known. I can be lead by others too, but believe I'm more resistant, at least when I can't yet envision the positive outcome.