St. Nicholas Episcopal Church of Kapolei Hawaii has held "Covenant Group" meetings for about 10 years. These groups meet weekly for fellowship, prayer and reflection on the readings and the sermon from the previous week. This blog is an attempt to offer the prayer and reflection as an on-going basis. The challenges of schedules and more prevent many members from participating in our groups, perhaps this will allow for additional participation. I will post readings and questions - please answer the questions and contribute as you're comfortable in the comment sections. Blessings

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Look - Day One

The first day:  Of school!  Of a new job!  Of a new house!  And on and on – first days can be very exciting, can turn out to be really bad, and can take loads of preparation to get ready for.

1.         What first days have you experienced that stand out for you?  Why? 
2.         Do you have a worst first day, or a best first day story?  Share . . .

3.         How did you prepare for those first days?  Could you have used even more time to prepare?

1 comment:

  1. 1. Lots of first day memories, some big, some anti-climatic. My first day as a parent may have been the most overwhelming . . . in a good way. Lots of thinking, praying, preparation, but not enough to compare with the feeling of holding that newborn baby, or watching my lovely wife holding our first-born. I guess it happened all over again with the second born too.

    2. First big holiday away from home . . . I was with my now in-laws. Breaking years of tradition was hard, but somewhat inevitable. I was worried about interrupting their traditions too. We still joke about how I might "ruin" Christmas . . . yet not a bad memory at all - I found new traditions and new welcome.

    3. Preparation went into each of these, sometimes for years, school is a whole lot of preparation for our jobs, right? I usually don't want more time to prepare, I want to get started and see what happens!