St. Nicholas Episcopal Church of Kapolei Hawaii has held "Covenant Group" meetings for about 10 years. These groups meet weekly for fellowship, prayer and reflection on the readings and the sermon from the previous week. This blog is an attempt to offer the prayer and reflection as an on-going basis. The challenges of schedules and more prevent many members from participating in our groups, perhaps this will allow for additional participation. I will post readings and questions - please answer the questions and contribute as you're comfortable in the comment sections. Blessings

Saturday, July 13, 2013

TOOK - Talkin bout God

We were challenged to “practice” on each other in talking about God, to gain practice, and confidence so that it’s easier to talk to others during the rest of the week about Christ.
  1. What stumbling blocks do Christians face today in our journey to spread the word of God?
  2. What can you do to help yourself to talk about your faith with other people?
  3. Have you felt the joy with which the disciples return? 

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